How to Read More Books in 2020

As new year approaches, we all make resolutions to build new habits that make us a better person. One of the popular New Year’s resolutions apart from eating healthier and focusing on self-care is Reading More Books. Yes,this may sound an obvious one , but how many of us actually make sure to read books everyday as part of our daily routine? I have always been fond of reading books, but to be honest, I did not read as much as I should have. My fondness for books went down with the growth of social media. I found myself indulged in social media for hours. If I can find time to visit interesting links on Facebook/Twitter, then why can’t I spare time to read books?

But there is a difference in reading online and reading from books. Any online article can be written within few hours but writing good books requires a lot of experience and time and they are worth reading as you get deeper knowledge on a topic.

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There came a turning point in my life in July, 2018 when a friend of mine gifted me a book “The Magic of Thinking Big”. I took almost 6 months to complete that book as I wasn’t used to reading by then. That book actually stimulated my thinking process, and I realized the importance of inculcating the habit of reading books in my daily routine. Then I made a resolution to read more books in 2019.

Sharing my advice and habits that I developed over time from reading 1 book in 6 months to reading 11 books in 12 months.

  1. Read at least 30 pages per day – Allot a specific time for reading books, be it morning or night time. Start by reading at least 30 pages per day or keep the count as convenient to you, but make sure to read few pages everyday. That’s all you need.
  2. Carry your book everywhere – I found this habit very important as you always find an opportunity to read no matter how occupied you are. Hence, carry your book in your bag wherever you go. I also like to keep a book along my bedside, when you see it, you feel like reading it. This trick really works.
  3. Read multiple books – This strategy works for me. I like to read 2 different books at a time. Not only it helps to read books faster, but also keeps my mind and thoughts fresh. Also, I get bored easily while reading just one book.
  4. Share what you read – There are 2 benefits of sharing what you read. One is by doing that, you do not forget what you read. Another is teaching someone is a good habit. May be the things that you learn through books might prove helpful to others. I am really fond of sharing my learning to people. You can share your learning either by writing blogs or by having group conversations.
  5. Do not read line by line – If you really want to read more books in an year, you should not read line by line, as I have observed that everything written in a book is not important. Pick up the chapters/topics that interest you. After-all, the whole purpose of reading a book is to gain insights into what the author is trying to convey.
  6. Pick up books that interest you – There are millions of books in the world and picking up a good one can be overwhelming. Read books as per your interest. Analyse what are you interested in, it can be fiction, non-fiction or poetry. This way, you do not have to force yourself into reading.

When do I read? I read all the time, whenever I find time, be it morning, evening or before sleep and I make sure I do it. I hope, you find my tips helpful in inculcating the habit of reading books.

Happy Reading 🙂

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