True Happiness lies within you

“If you are not content today, there is nothing you can buy this weekend to change that” – Joshua Becker.

Happiness lies in small moments, enjoying nature

Happiness is a choice that we choose for ourselves. True happiness comes from good relationships, a happy family, growing yourself and living a purposeful life. Don’t waste time and effort searching for peace and contentment in outside world. External objects and circumstances may give us temporary happiness, but the permanent and ever lasting source of happiness lies in our mind, the way we pursue the external things and situations.

To be content does not mean you don’t desire more, it means you are thankful for what you have and patient for what’s to come.

When I look back at my childhood, all I can remember is how happy and playful I was. As I grew, I found myself trapped in the fake world which is quite far from reality and happiness.

I knew I was moving on the wrong path, hence I began my research on “Inner peace”.
I thought to jot down the ways I found to be a happier person in life and more content. Here are few ways that I am working upon right now:

1. Focus On Positive – Undoubtedly, mind is the most powerful part of a human body. It learns what we teach it. Hence, it’s up to us how to train our mind to stay positive and surround ourselves with positive and healthy thoughts. If ever, you feel to be trapped in negativity, immediately switch to positive thoughts or engage yourself in some activities. This really helps to come out of bad thoughts and leads to a more positive outlook on life.

2. Express Gratitude and Stop complaining– Studies have revealed that those who express gratitude daily are the most happiest persons in the world. Expressing gratitude leads to internal satisfaction. Different people have different ways of doing that, but what is important is that you follow this practice each day.

Feel happy for what you have got, may be a house to live, good food to eat, beautiful nature, caring family or friends, a loving husband and don’t grouch for what you don’t have. Honestly, If I let myself complain, I’ll become more and more discontent, resulting in a stressful environment for me and my family.

Red rose, flower photography, nature is beautiful, red beautiful rose, garden picture

3. Declutter your space – I have already created posts on “Why you should declutter your space“. A free space leads to free mind. The more you possess , the more occupied you are. Learn to Be Happy with less. The first step to be happy is owning less.

Every weekend, I declutter my space and gather the stuff that is either expired or not useful to me. Trust me, as you get rid of items, your mind starts to become free. Try doing this and let me know in comments below what change you find in your life.

4. Observe little things and relish them – Find time from your busy schedule to spend some time with nature. Observe the little buds that grow into a beautiful flower, the sun that sets everyday to shine again the next day. Spending time with nature not only reduces stress, but also makes us realize how blessed we are to enjoy this beautiful life.

Couple enjoying sunset, couple goals, evening sunset, nature beauty, beautiful sunset

5. Live your best Life – You are the controller of your life. Don’t let others control you. Follow your dreams fearlessly and work towards it each day. Don’t waste even a single moment of your life crying for the things you do not possess or are not meant for you. Read good books, surround yourself with positive and kind heart people. Enjoy each and every moment and live your life the way you want to live it. 🙂

Above points may seem like you know them already, but working upon them is very important. Desires are endless, it takes entire life to fulfill them and meanwhile, we forget to live. Hence, be ready to accept any challenge you face and find happiness in internal peace of mind.

Keep smiling till my next post. 🙂


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