5 habits that changed my life

Habits define a person. Out of all the daily chores we do, some are part of our habit, that we do unconsciously. If a person develops good habits, it can boost his personal well-being and make each day more meaningful. I know, Changing a habit can be a daunting task. But, there are few things that do not require any effort and can have a huge impact on our daily lives. There are many life changing habits that one can inculcate, it just depends on what you are struggling with at the moment.

Few months back, I watched a YouTube video by Muchelle on ‘5 habits that changed my life‘. She mentioned that “The trick to success is to choose the right habit and bring enough discipline to establish it”. Hence, I decided to develop one good habit each month. This one thought of mine has changed my life in all of the ways. Hence I thought to share my habit-building process with you:

1. Do a 30 day challenge, while focusing on just ONE habit.

2. Commit fully!

3. Even if you are unable to develop one habit in one month, don’t panic or get angry on yourself. Take your time.

4. Note down the benefits of that habit on a paper and motivate yourself to follow it every day.

5. Set short reminders everyday, if required, in order to follow the habit.

Below are the 5 habits that I developed over a period of time that have definitely brought vast changes in my life.

1. Develop Positive Thinking : This is one of the best habits that one can develop. Optimism is not something inborn, but you develop it with time. We all come across unpleasant and unpredictable phases of life. Positive thinking helps to overcome hurdles with no pain. Positive soul attracts positive events in life. Hence, try to replace each negative thought that you get with a positive one and stay happy.

The book – ‘The Power of your subconscious mind‘ helped me construct positive thoughts, because what you think is forever stored in your subconscious mind. “Think before you think“. #powerofsubconsciousmind


2. Wake up early: “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise” is a true saying. Morning time is the best time to increase your productivity because at this time, brain is bigger as compared to all day. You are in a fresh mood and that is when you can plan for your day. If you find it difficult to wake up early, try waking up 15 minutes early to your daily time for first 5 days, If you succeed, shift this time to 20 minutes early and so on. Gradually, you will see how your mind along with your energy for the day changes. You may find yourself being happier, more productive, and more energetic.

3. Drink lots of water: Most people don’t even notice that they suffer from dehydration. If you decide to have a healthy lifestyle, the first thing on your list should be drinking more water. I used to find it very difficult to drink water. (Strange! I know). So, I thought to forcefully drink more water, gradually increased water intake from 4 to 8 glasses. Hopefully, I am on my way to make it 12 glasses in coming months. And now, my body is automated to drinking more.

Always carry a bottle of pure water with you, and don’t forget to put another on your desk at work, office or bedside, you will drink more without much effort. To get an even greater effect, set a reminder on your phone to drink water every hour. There is an App called ‘Drink Water’ that reminds me every one hour to drink water. You can set reminders at your own suitable time. In summers, this habit is a boon.

4. Read everyday: Reading should become an unconditional habit of everyone as it improves your memory, logical thinking, and imagination. You must keep stock of goods books in your home. I developed this habit in 2018 (though, you are never too late to start a new thing). Before going to my bed, I ensure that I read good books at night.

In order to get used to reading faster, put books in every corner of your home: in your office, in the kitchen, by the bedside. Also, don’t forget to put a book in your bag so you can read both on public transport or when you are waiting for your friend in a cafe. If you have just started to develop a habit of reading, read for 15-20 minutes, and then gradually start increasing the duration.

Books Reading, read books, library

5. Konmari Minimalist Mindset : If you guys have read my previous post on “Konmari Technique of decluttering and organizing“, you would know how amazing this technique is, that has transformed my life. #KonMari

I have been following this technique since 6 months now and this has been my key to focus on important things in my life. #lifechangingmagicoftidyingup

So, which habit are you going to start implementing today? I’d love to hear your story and you see for yourself how much it impacted your life. Keep working on your daily goals, and do everything you can to achieve the greatness that you want to become. Only then will you truly appreciate yourself, and your own life.

Keep smiling till my next post. ♡

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