The life changing magic of tidying up – Part 1

Admittedly, I am really fond of buying stuff. I used to have this urge to buy stuff just because they look cute and then, not use it later. Then, came the headache of storing and organising them. Gradually, I realised, How will I manage all this stuff? That’s when I decided to change my lifestyle, and follow the path of declutter and organisation.

This Post is inspired from a Japanese author ‘Marie Kondo’ who published a book ‘The Life changing magic of tidying up‘. I recently read this book on how to banish clutter forever in most simple and efficient manner and this has completely changed the way I think of organised space.

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Has ‘getting organised’ been on your to-do list too since forever? Do you get overwhelmed when you see a lot of clutter around you, a messy kitchen or clothes flowing out of your wardrobe?

Or if you gather courage to clean the space, your home gets cluttered again too soon?

Well, I was no different till I read this book.

Imagine a clutter free room, things organised properly and easily reachable as and when required. How do you feel? Would you want to keep it as such forever?

Of course! Yes.

I am not perfect at this art of tidying but thought to share with you little knowledge I gained on why decluttering and organisation is important, also the ways to achieve the same.

Well, I would be covering the latter part in my next post – ‘The life changing magic of tidying up – Part 2‘.

Decluttering lets you focus on what’s important to you:

When you start to declutter, you come across many such things that you might have kept for future use.

For example, clothes. We all have clothes in our wardrobe that are dear to us, but does not fit us anymore and we like to store them until they fit us. But trust me, except for few clothes, they are just a trash. Either, they never fit us or they go out of trend. So, next time when you declutter, hold your old clothes in your hands and feel them. If they really spark joy to you, keep them, else discard.


Decluttering gives you mental satisfaction –

I had never realised the importance of decluttering until I started it. It, not only gives you physical space in your home, but also mental and emotional breathing space. Excess things in your surroundings can have a negative impact on your ability to focus and process information. With decluttering, You will have less staff to wash, less to maintain and clean and of course, the less you buy, the more money you save.

You will have less to clean and organise –

Last weekend, I was cleaning one of my cupboards where I usually store old newspapers, magazines and other less used stuff. There, I came across a corner with a pile of newspapers coated with so much dirt. (Though, I clean that cupboard once or twice a month). We live in a country where dust is available 24*7. Hence, more stuff would need more cleaning, and it gets very difficult to clean it every day especially for a working woman like me. Hence, I try to keep limited items.


Decluttering saves you money and makes you money –

The less you buy, the less you spend. I do not mean to be frugal by any way, but be wise in making purchases. Own that is essential and not that which you want.

By selling your waste household items to a waste collector, You can earn some money too. (though it is very less). But, who thought, discarded items that are of no use to you, can earn you some money 😉.

PS : I am not somebody who has been living clutter-free life for years. I am new to this journey, gaining insights through reading blogs and implementing them in my life, lets be part of this journey together. Do share in comments how you like to organise your space.

Your tips will be helpful for everyone and anyone reading this post.

Keep smiling, till my next post. 😉❤︎❤︎


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