Life is only as complicated as we make it

‘Simple Living,High thinking’

Probably, It took me a decade to understand the meaning of these four words. When I was a kid, I used to sob for the things I did not have but my friends had, Unfortunately, this habit grew as I grew up. Life is not complicated, but we are. #simpleliving

In the last two years, I had become a kind of person who used to check the Instagram posts or Facebook as soon as I woke up. (How many of you do the same, comment below).

I had become a kind of person who was not satisfied with even 20 different outfits in my wardrobe. I had become a kind of person who used to spend a lot of money on unnecessary things and later on, realized that it was actually not required.

I realized lately that I had made my life complicated for no reason. And I had to do something about it !

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So, all the readers, reading my post, ask yourselves- Are we really living a simple life? Can we lead simple life in this complex world? If you are looking for the answers to these queries, then you are at the right place.

Simple Life

In simple words, A simple life is life that is not complicated, that isn’t constant busy, but is contemplated and there is time for the people we love and admire. I do not mean to cut yourselves completely from all the worldly desires(after-all, we are not Monks), or uninstall all the social media.

What I mean is that do everything in the amount that does not affect you in a negative way. Get rid of the things you do not need(in your home, in your mind,in your office) to make room for the life you want to live. Having more stuff, more busyness, more power and prestige do not increase your worth as a human being. Focus on what you need, not what you want.

Designing a simple life is not only by removing extra stuff from your life, but also removing extra negative thoughts from your mind.

We all can try to lead simple life. All we need is a desire for one. I will share some of the steps (from my own experience) that I followed to achieve “some” simplicity in my life.

1. Stop trying to change people : Start accepting people just the way they are. I am big follower of BK Sister Shivani. And, she always says – “ACCEPT, don’t EXPECT”.

In most cases it’s impossible to change the people anyway, and it’s rude to try. So save yourself from needless stress. Instead of trying to change others, give them your support and care.

2. Help Others : Sometimes, all you need is mental satisfaction which comes from the happiness of other people. I believe, our true purpose in life is to give our lives away to others, and that we receive happiness, fulfilment and meaning in return. Be kind to people , listen to their problems patiently and guide them as true as you can!

3. Think before you buy : We all are fond of shopping and buying cute stuff. But we need to ‘Think before we buy‘. Unlike past, before buying any stuff, Now I ask myself one question- ‘Do I actually need it?’. Trust me guys, this single thought has saved my thousands bucks which I used to spend on unnecessary things. Instead of saving 50% of my salary, now I end up saving 75% of it which is great! After all saving money is very important. (I would be creating a separate blog post on this topic later).

4. Keep track of your expenses : By tracking expenses, you can know where you are spending money and how much. You can also maintain a small diary to write down all your expenses just like me . I write down my expenses on daily basis and categorize them as ‘Necessary’ and ‘Not Necessary’. At the end of the month, I analyse my ‘Not Necessary’ expenses and try to cut them out for the next month. How simple is that , isn’t it?

keep track of expenses, calculate money, calculate expenses, monthly expenses, spend less money

5. Declutter your home/space : This is my favorite thing to do on weekends and I insist you guys to try this once. I like to search for the things that I do not need anymore and hence, free my space. This, not only makes some space in your home, but also free your mind and lets you know what all necessary/unnecessary things you possess.

Instead of saving it for the next year, start donating your old clothes and other stuff to the people who really need them and sell waste to the waste collector and you can make money out of them too. This is one of my best ways to simplify my living.

I will be sharing my learning on ‘How to de-clutter your space’ based on a book I recently read by Marie Kondo – ‘The life changing magic of tidying up’.

woman closet, clothes, declutter closet, declutter clothes

I hope you guys find my post helpful. I look forward to listening from you, do comment and share your views with me.

Keep Smiling till my next post 😉♡#keepsmiling ♡


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  1. It is indeed a great start..Though i can relate the shopping part very well for myself and urs as well …keep going ahead girl 👏👏


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